College of Business and Economics

College of Business and Economics

With the advent of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the economic and social environment are expected to change rapidly which is emphasizing the necessity of building a new educational paradigm.

The Sangmyung University School of Business will respond to this rapidly-changing educational environment with a clear vision and passion of its members in unity.

Especially, the School of Business focuses on finance, trade, and service based on economics and business administration, becoming Sangmyung University’s key school devoting all of its competencies and resources to nurture the future leaders of global economic growth.

Department of Economics and Finance

The Department of Economics and Finance aims to foster economic experts who can make rational judgments pertaining to all kinds of economic activities, by understanding the basic principles of economics and finance as well as the various issues of the domestic and global economy such as corporate activities, finance, business fluctuations, trade, finance, real estate, and consumer behavior.

Department of Business Administration

Business Administration is an academic field to study and research the knowledge needed to make the best decisions for efficiently achieving an organization’s goal.

Therefore, the curriculum in the Department of Business Administration teaches students how to analyze various business administration factors in Korea and abroad, while providing major knowledge and analysis tools required for performing the management functions inside a company. It offers different courses of business administration such as accounting, finance management, marketing, human resources, management information systems, production management, etc. All classes emphasize the lectures as well as students’ presentations and discussions, while providing opportunities for students to learn the theoretical knowledge by adopting more practical methods such as case studies and simulations.

The Department is reflecting the latest trends of the corporate management environment such as globalization and informatization in lectures as much as possible.

Department of Global Business Administration

The Department of Global Business Administration has pursued the cultivation of global trade professionals who can respond actively to the changes of the global trade environment in which uncertainties are increasing. Specifically, the Department of Global Business Administration has considerably reformed the curriculum three times, by reflecting the needs of trading sites to contribute to securing comparative advantage in the export market as well as the movements of cooperation and convergence among nations, industries, and companies that are showing diverse aspects similar to the intensifying competition of the global trade environment.

In particular, the Department of Global Business Administration has set the nurturing of professional Asian marketers as the main goal of specialization, actively increasing full-time and part-time faculty members, expanding student career clubs, activating small research groups, and reorganizing its educational contents and systems.

Department of Convergence Business Administration

The Department of Convergence Business Administration aims to nurture the global human resources of industry employees, with creative and convergent thinking ability along with competence in business administration, professional economics knowledge, and business acumen.