College of Convergence Technology

College of Convergence Technology

The School of Convergence Technology establishes and runs colleges with an everyday environment for students to adapted into the current informatization society with advanced knowledge as well as perform economic and physical education activities of humanity. By doing so, the School aims to cultivate professionals who can contribute to solving everyday problems in informatization, plant resources, environment problems, social physical education, finance insurance, and national economy.

Department of Global Finance Management

The Department of Global Finance Management provides specialized education needed to cultivate general knowledge in business administration and to perform finance duties.

Through the main and basic subjects in business administration, economics and accounting, students enhance their understanding of economic phenomena and cultivate organizational management, operation, and decision-making skills. The Department also offers various applied courses in financial management, investment theories, derivative products, management theories in financial institutions, and insurance to perform business administration and finance duties with solid basic knowledge.

Furthermore, students build global competitiveness and problem-solving skills through English lectures and discussions from their first year while cultivating professional knowledge, intelligence and proper character through close instruction, character refinement, and career counseling.

Department of Plant and Food Engineering

Students will apply biotechnology, food technology, and information technology in the bio and food fields where values of environment and health are increasing. The Department aims to produce leaders in the future plant and food industry encompassing the entire plant and food field of high added-values such as the development of new plants, industrialization of plant-derived natural materials, and food processing technology and distribution for turning plant-derived natural resources into food.

Department of Environmental Landscape

Since its first recruitment of freshmen in 1989, it has produced 700 college graduates, 88 master’s degree holders, and 52 Ph.D. degree holders as of 2009. The Department has 6 full-time professors and 7 adjunct professors in the college and graduate school majors.

Department of Nursing

This Department was established to raise professional nurses who will be essential in the healthcare and medical industries of the 21st century.

Today’s healthcare and medical fields continuously need the development and provision of nursing services due to the increase of chronic diseases and the elderly population, specialization of treatment, maintenance of health, and the diversification of a delivery system accordingly.

To cultivate skilled professionals who can provide various forms of nursing, this Department has formed systematic and efficient courses to generate nurses with creative problem-solving ability, wide-ranging knowledge, and critical thinking ability through the connection of theories and practical education.

The Department also plans to offer international exchange programs and language study programs for students to work as international nursing specialists and become nursing instructors with the necessary insights, experiences, and foreign language skills, so that they can prepare for nursing certificate exams in the U.S. and Canada through intensive education.

Department of Sports Industry

This Department approaches sports science, such as sports management, sports marketing, sports agencies, sports events, and sports information, from an industrial aspect to develop the sports industry that generates the economic, social, psychological, and welfare benefits of sports. Based on such sports industry and science, the Department aims to cultivate professionals in the global sports industry and social physical education instructors with knowledge, expertise, excellent practical skills, and admirable character in the field of social physical education to contribute to the improvement of national health.

Department of Social Physical Education

The Department of Social Physical Education develops personal trainers who give individual healthcare counseling with professional sports prescription programs, while nurturing social physical education instructors who promote healthy training of the mind and body.

This Department consists of various professional faculty members and nurtures the future instructors of everyday physical education with various facilities such as a fitness center and swimming pool and by carrying out programs using advanced scientific tools and materials.