Management Purpose & Strategy

Diagram of the President’s vision, Sangmyung educational principles and intermediate/long-term development plan

Diagram of the president vision, Sangmyung education principle and intermediate/long-term development plan
Management Strategy Management Purpose
Specialization · Characterization Informatization Efficiency Opening
Reorganization Construction of Characterization Infrastructure Construction of Information System Increase Efficiency of Organization Enhance Openness of Educational Course
  • Establish Characterization Educational Courses
  • Realize Characterization Educational System
  • Construction of Graduate School Department Homepages
  • Construction of School Affairs Support System
  • Reorganize Graduate School Organizations
  • Strengthen the Role of Graduate School Committee
  • Strengthen Correlated Curriculum
  • Expand Interdisciplinary Exchanges
Maintenance of Administrative System Construction of Characterization Supporting Administrative System Systemization of Administrative System Strengthen Capability of Administrative System Strengthen Support for Out-of-school Activities
  • Supporting the Operation of Department Regarding Characterization
  • Benchmark Excellent Graduate Schools in Characterization
  • Construction of Integrative Information System
  • Informatization Support on Academic Studies
  • Establish Administrative Workforce Plan and Adjust Work
  • Strengthen Education and Support of Administrative Workforce
  • Construction of Social Volunteering Support System
  • Strengthen Exchange Support
Securing Stable Financial Sources Expanding Financial Resources for Characterization Expanding Supporting Investment on Informatization Efficient Management of Financial Resources Strengthen Exchange and Form Networks
  • Strengthen Participating in National Subsidy Projects
  • Utilize Cooperative Service Research
  • Expanding Advanced Technology Facilities
  • Expanding Informatization Programs
  • Solution Search for Financial Expansion
  • Attempt for Fund Raising
  • Strengthen Linkage with Local Society
  • Expand International Exchange Program
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System of Graduate Schools Characterization Strategies

Characterization Goal

Securing leading competitiveness of concentrated fields of studies through discovering and nurturing characterization capabilities

Characterization Strategies

Embedded Software Characterization / Multidisciplinary Characterization / Characterization per Academic Fields

Operation Tasks

Contraction of Characterization Support for Education · Research System / Characterization of Education Course and Systematic Nurturing of Professional Human Resources / Enhancement of Research Capability and Industrial-Academic Cooperation